Mutability  (mutability (n.) able or tending to change; the quality of being changeable; capable of or subject to change or alteration)
Projected large-scale digital animation.

Reflecting on defining the changing nature of occupancy of Torre Abbey, Torquay, this silent animation shows carefully constructed diagrams created in response to sensations of disorientation. These experimental drawings reference plans which we know as familiar ways to make sense of built environments (architects’ drawings, site plans etc). The lines are the colour of cast sunlight and are projected onto a magnificent early 13th-century medieval wall, one of the original walls of the abbey's cloister. As they slide across the surface they become like the beams of a 3D laser scanner, picking out the painstakingly restored and preserved features of its surface: a contemporary phenomenon to complement the most recent intervention in the building's story.

Mutability was developed during a 12-month residency at Torre Abbey Historic House and Museum, Torbay, initiated and produced by Smooth Space in partnership with Torbay Council, and supported by Arts Council England.

Mutability, large-scale projected animation (installation view), Torre Abbey Historic House and Museum