April 16 2020: The Problem of Being the Problem, Phytogenesis Symposium, University of Plymouth [cancelled]

March 12 2020: Excursion: conjuring, divination and an encounter with speculative sensoria at Hollicombe's vanished marine caves, Performance Lecture, University of Plymouth [cancelled]


Oct 4 2019 to January 8 2020: Dimetrodon: Threshold Ecologies and Sirens: The Highest Light, artdotearth, Dartington

Sept 27, 28, 29: Dimetrodon: Threshold Ecologies | Phantom Cave Assemblages (tufa + algae). Will you be more successful than me? Plymouth Art Weekender


July 11: Arts Council England 'Develop Your Creative Practice' Award (1st round)

July 6 - 22: Compression, Folding and Fracturing showing as part of THEOREM group show, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge

July 5: Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Presentation of research at THEOREM Symposium convened by Jane Boyer

February 7: Plymouth University. Presentation of research, Arts Area Reserach Talks, Heidi Morstang and Kate Paxman.

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